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6 Unexpected Reasons To Drink A Beer Every Day

Beer, it does a body good! We have all heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And while we all love apples, recent studies indicate that a few of our other favorites, dark chocolate and red wine, also offer health benefits.  But did you know that there is another favorite that can also be good for what ails you? Beer!  In fact, there are multiple proven benefits of our favorite brews from reducing risk for broken bones to warding off osteoporosis, diabetes, and even dementia. Keep in mind that like everything, moderation is the key.

Beer contains many beneficial vitamins, chemicals and other ingredients that can improve the way your body functions and even can help prevent certain diseases. It’s the individual components that make up your favorite brews that make these benefits possible, not the concoction of beer itself. So don’t confuse the fountain of youth with the nice frothy head of your favorite stout!

Here are a few noteworthy benefits that these hopped and malted beverages can provide you with!

1. Skeletal Success

Your favorite ice-cold brew can actually help your bone density and strength. A 2009 study at Tufts University, reported that older men and women who swigged one or two beers a day had higher bone density. This is due to the high silicon content present in beer. Silicon, in the dietary form orthosilicic acid, helps in growth of bones along with any connective tissues and can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis.Before you grab that six-pack with confidence, swig slowly, the study also shows that anything more than the recommended daily amount can have quite the opposite effect on your bone density and  is linked to increased risk for fractures. For the best results, grab a pale ale which is the richest in silicon, while light lagers and non-alcoholic beers contain the least.

2. A Healthy Glow

Vitamin E found in most skin creams and vitamin packs, helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. Beer has and effective dose of Vitamin E that when you pair a glass of beer with your weekly skin treatments – you could be multiplying your skin’s healthy glow!

3. Calm Those Inflamed Muscles

You also may have asked yourself why marathons are sponsored by brewing companies and have stands for runners while they compete. Beer, more specifically wheat beers, has a knack for reducing muscle inflammation and increasing respiratory health. Though this is commonly known in the running world, many spectators raise an eyebrow as they watch runners down a popular lager at the halfway point! There are chemicals called Polyphenols, most prevalent in wheat beers, known to calm molecular byproducts caused by exercise. Polyphenols capture molecules that can bounce around your muscles and cause inflammation, which in turn relaxes your burnt out muscle fibers. Bear in mind, though, moderation is what makes these results practical. Drinking a six-pack during your next triathlon will not help beat your previous record, let alone be healthy!

4. Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones          

Beer has also been linked to healthier kidneys, specifically in men. The association of beer and a reduced risk of kidney stones is quite possibly in part due to certain compounds found in the hops and the general diuretic effect of beer. Based on the accounts of those who’ve passed kidney stones before – we highly suggest you do whatever you can to reduce your risk.

5. Stay Mentally Sharp

The hops in your favorite beer contains a similar chemical compound found in dark chocolate, blueberries, and other super foods known also as “brain food”. This compound has been found in numerous food chemistry studies to help improve your memory and protect your brain and prevent degeneration. Research found in a 2012 study explained that in moderation beer increased your ability to concentrate without distractions getting in the way, this added focus will improve your ability to problem solve creatively. So if you’ve been stumped by something – it may do you some good to step away, grab an icy cold brew and then turn your focus back on the issue.  

6. Feel Happier

Another valuable vitamin found in Beer is Vitamin B6. This vitamin is known to help your body produce serotonin. Serotonin is your body’s natural mood enhancer, it also aids with sleep. This very essential body chemical fights off intense mood swings and depression. Many of the craft beers on the market today have a good amount of vitamin B in them to give you that added mood “pick-me-up” after a tough day.

We all knew that beer was amazing, but the health benefits it can also offer in small doses, are truly extraordinary.  Note that the benefits listed above are from consuming 1 to 2 beers daily. So let’s raise a pint to your health, discover new delicious craft beers in our outstanding beer department and keep reaping the benefits of your favorite icy cold brew!

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