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Whether you plan to dine-in and enjoy our flavorful menu of cheeses, meats, nuts, breads, and other specialty items, with a glass in hand in our tasting lounge or are just here for a quick stop to grab something to bring to a dinner party – you’ll be sure to find our delicious menu will meet the needs of any palate.

Gourmet Food Tapas Menu

Gourmet Food Selection

Feed Your Taste for Adventure Right Here with Global Flavors

City Vineyard has a selection of 8 cheeses, 6 meats and accompaniments a la carte to create your perfect cheese board. We will also have fresh baguettes with an assortment of oils and vinegar for dipping, toasts, salads, and a special menu for brunch on the weekends.

Cheese Club

Cheese, Yes Please!

Cheese Club Billings Wine Store City Vineyard

Join our monthly Cheese Club and diversify your knowledge of cheese with a monthly subscription of high quality domestic and imported cheeses from around the world. Each month you'll enjoy two exceptional cheeses, one in-house baked demi baguette,
and exclusive club member benefits.

Other special offers exclusive to club members

10% off in-store purchases when you pick-up your club
Half off our beer and wine tastings

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