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Market Feature – This Cheese Lover’s Quiz Will Make You Melt

January 20 is National Cheese Lover’s Day, and we developed a quick little cheese lover’s quiz to see how much you know about your cheese crush…

Put Your Heart To the Test With This Cheese Lover’s Quiz

Question 1

Which US state produces the most cheese?

(A) Vermont (B) Wisconsin (C) California (D) Oregon

Question 2

The Sardinian cheese Casu Marzu, Italian for “rotten cheese,” is notable for containing what?

(A) Seaweed (B) Live maggots (C) Hard-boiled egg (D) Fermented vegetables

Question 3

Which of these well-known cheese types is not generally made from sheep’s milk?

(A) Feta (B) Pecorino (C) Romano (D) Manchego (E) Havarti

Question 4

Bandel, Paneer and Chhena are cheeses produced in what country?

(A) Belgium (B) Turkey (C) India (D) Egypt

Question 5

Which country makes the most cheese, producing on average 60,000 metric tons?

(A) France (B) UK (C) Italy (D) US

Question 6

Which country consumes the most cheese per capita?

(A) France (B) UK (C) Italy (D) US (E) Greece

Question 7

The Midnight Moon cheese carried at City Vineyard is a unique Gouda because:

(A) It is made from goat’s milk (B) It is the shortest aged Gouda available

(C) It is washed frequently in moonshine

Question 8

True or false, cheese should be served at room temperature.

Question 9

Which of these cheese varieties is not originally from France?

(A) Brie (B) Camembert (C) Gruyere (D) Munster

Question 10

What some are calling the “world’s oldest cheese” was recently unearthed in which country?

(A) Egypt (B) India (C) Mexico (D) China

Question 11

True or false, goat’s milk can make yellow cheese.

Question 12

The Cinderella cheese carried at City Vineyard has blue/black streaking because:

(A) It is a blue cheese (B) Black pepper is added to the curds

(C) The rind is rubbed with black sea salt

Question 13

When making triple cream cheeses, cream is added to the milk before the curds form, this brings the butterfat in the solid product to at least:

(A) 30% (B) 45% (C) 60% (D) 75%

How do you think you did?

​Whether you aced or flunked your cheese lover’s quiz, we don’t doubt your love for cheese. (Answers ​can be found below.) And, remember that City Vineyard is always your best destination ​to get set up on the perfect cheese date.


​1. B (approximately 2.8 billion pounds)

2. B (female cheese flies lay eggs in the cheese; ​the larvae/maggot’s digestive systems break down the cheese’s fats, making its texture ​very soft)

3. E

4. C

5. D

6. A

7. A

8. True (remove from refrigeration 30-60 ​minutes prior to serving, depending on cheese type)

9. C (this cheese is originally from ​Switzerland)

10. D (kefir-type cheese dating back to 1615 B.C. was found hanging around ​the necks of mummies in northwestern China)

11. False (only cow’s milk can make ​yellow cheese; goat’s, sheep’s and buffalo’s milk cannot)

12. C

13. D​

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